Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Keris Patih Music Band

Friendship as the four students Musicians Institute Indonesia, Arief, Heavy, Andika, Anton, are to form a Band theme Instrumental Ethnic, they arranger in New Aransemen.
Afternoon, 21 April 2003, born the name of the group, Kerispatih, which was taken from a Keris meaning: a magic weapon master, petinggi of the kingdom, and Patih: symbolizing his role in the kingdom and a lead usually by a man. Four men here who will use the "keris" (teranalogi is Kerispatih music) as a powerful weapon in the works of the birth of a universal answer or can be accepted by all people.
Hendra Simorangkir Samuel, their colleagues in the same campus and one of 30 finalists of Indian Idol I, finally joined the Kerispatih.
With this formation, Kerispatih the day-to-day without any clarity. As if the band was "stuck" to achieve something better. Finally, Kerispatih take the initiative to propose to management Kerispatih. Ingga Jaya Purda, a friend in the same campus, the management is willing to help set the band (now that management is Bagot'z Productions).
Kerispatih hope is to become a band that have a long career and can be a big icon in music belantika Indonesia. The last hope of not less importance is Kerispatih can represent the feelings and content of the heart "MAHAPATIH" (familiar to fans call Kerispatih).

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