Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gulalikustik Album

As an event held by a Private Radio Station (88.00 Mustang FM) is the name given Gulali (Gue Cendili song), which is a venue for new bands and the creator of Indonesia. A way that allows young musicians potential and not the world record, to be able hearing results of his work to the audience ... ..
The road is open, after the Mustang Kerispatih invite to join in the project compilation album titled "Gulalikustik '(release September 2004), with a major label PT Naga Swarasakti.
In this album, Kerispatih enough to prove himself with 2 radio hits them, I Forget Exercise of the same shape and make Kekasih.
Now, Kerispatih ready to penetrate the market in Australia with a number of music tracks the theme of love, taken from real life of the personnel and the environment


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